Kyle M. Franck

UNC News Editor and Web Designer

Fayetteville, NC

Kyle M. Franck

Always motivated and always looking for the next creative spin to put on things.

I love everything in geek culture from science fiction novels to video game design. I am a recent graduate of University of North Carolina at Fayetteville State with a Bachelor of Arts - Mass Communications (Journalism).



Enteprise Story: The Phenomenon of Cosplay

The world of cosplay and conventions is a new hobby hitting the mainstream media and social gatherings worldwide. What is it? Who does it? Cosplay offers a variety of outlets for a variety of people, all while benefiting great causes such as cancer research and autism awareness.

Sex and Gender: The Video Game Industry

Gender representation in video games and in the video game industry through history.

Filth and Deviance || The ‘Suicide Squad’

As I look upon the disgusting filth of villainy and meta human degenerates from the DC Comics Universe no group is more fulfilling of my devious needs then the Suicide Squad. Vile, brute and a just a “little” hint of crazy! These former criminals and deviants turned antihero squad harness a destructive perspective on vigilante heroism.

Blake Freeman || One Hard Working SOB

K.M. Franck here… bringing to you some information on a great guy in the film industry I have had the pleasure of meeting a while back at a con we attended. Blake Freeman is an asset in the film industry, running a gamut of genres in relation to the projects he has taken on and created over the past few years.

FanDuel and DraftKings Under Fire in Lawsuit

FanDuel and DraftKings Under Fire in Lawsuit and investigation into insider betting and unethical gambling practices.

Racism in Film and Media – An Analytical Review of La Haine and Crash

In retrospect, countries around the world have had their issues involving and revolving around race and social norms as societal classes clash in various forms over the evolution of equality or lack thereof. In modern media and past media, audiences can see parallels between certain films, television shows and music artists, as the scenes for racial and socioeconomic clash are plastered throughout the sights we see on the screen or hear through headphones.

Kyle M. Franck

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Is College Education Worth It? A Comparative Study and Analysis

Many students approaching a college career period of their lives have reconsidered attending college due to many reasons, most notably, the costs incurred both during the college term and after graduation. With a growing number of college “non- believers”, it is understandable why many are considering transitioning directly into the job market rather than acquire massive debt by attending a higher education institution.


Kyle M. Franck

I am a North Carolina resident but born near the murky riverbanks of southern Georgia to a military family. I fell in love with all things in geek culture from science fiction novels to computer graphics to cosplay conventions. Throughout my life I have had an avid love for all types of art and expression as well.

Growing up I was fortunate enough to live in a variety of places both in the United States and abroad due to being a military "brat" so to speak, although I currently live in Fayetteville, N.C.

I am currently working as the Editor and Web Design Manager of the University of North Carolina at Fayetteville State's student newspaper, "The Voice" . A long standing publication with a circulation of over 6,000.

For the last four years I have designed, posted to and administrated a website called and its associated YouTube, Twitter, Analytics, AdSense and Facebook accounts. (Among a few other social media platforms.) I also write contributions to a menagerie of other gaming and entertainment sites in both the United States and Europe.

I have experience with Unreal Editor 2, 3, and 4. I also have SQL database experience and Cisco Networking experience. I am very versed in site testing and functionality control both on net space and mobile applications.

I love nature and art. I play guitar and drums due to the fortunate teachings of my grandfather who banged around some music back in the 60s. I also have a large collection of movie props and Star Wars memorabilia that never stops expanding!



  • Computer Programming
  • Journalism Practices
  • Microsoft Office Enterprise
  • Apple Software
  • Apple Hardware
  • A+
  • B+
  • CISCO Networking Equipment
  • Drawing
  • Sculpting
  • Miniature Painting
  • Model Building
  • Drafting
  • MECP Certified
  • CPR Certified
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • SQL
  • Python, Haskell Coding
  • Concept Art
  • Film Experience
  • Music Production
  • CCNA Certified